I am the True Vine, and My Father is the gardener -John 15:1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper if the homeowner cleans up the limbs and/or wood?

Answer: Absolutely, yes! Less work for True Vine means less cost for you. However, most clients prefer us to do the clean-up because we are equipped and extremely efficient in this area.

When is the best time to trim a tree?

Answer: First, we must understand the definitions of pruning and trimming. Pruning, primarily done in autumn and winter months, involves removing dead, broken, rotten, droopy, and unnecessary limbs(such as sucker-shoots and cross-overs) from a tree. Trimming is pruning, plus lightly shaping and/or balancing the canopy of a tree in order to make it more appealing. Truthfully, most all trees can recover from any type of modification at anytime of the year.

Is "topping" a tree the right thing to do?

Answer: You decide.... Most arborists and tree experts will agree that a tree that has been "topped" will have a shorter life span than an untopped tree. This is due to the fact that decay of a cut branch is more likely on those of a bigger diameter because it takes longer to heal. And since the traditional topping of a tree involves cutting a greater number of these bigger branches than pruning or trimming, the chance of decay is inevitable. However, some people who have large trees in precarious places would argue that they would rather have a tree lose a few years of its lifespan than damage their property when giant limbs break out during storms. If done right, topping can lessen the chances of damage-causing breakage and still leave your tree looking nice. Also, topped trees produce a lot of growth within the tree and will most likely need to be maintained in the years to come. There are right ways and wrong ways to top trees and our photo gallery should make it apparent which way we do it. True Vine will give the customer what they want.


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Company History

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True Vine Tree Service was established in 2003 by owner/operator, Jeremy Moore. Having been in tree service his entire life, Jeremy offers years of experience along with fast and friendly service. We value our customers and understand that without them we would not exist.


Paulding and Van Wert County Ohio